Lenormand cards reloaded!

Lenormand cards


Lenormand cards

Lenormand Reloaded is a redesigned traditional Lenormand cards system. It has 36 cards depicted in a colorful way. It grasp your attention and helps you to concentrate on your reading. While your conscious attention is focused on the cards, the attractive colors, evoking images, etc. your subconscious is free to give you tips on what keywords to choose, how to interpret them etc. This way your intuition will guide you through the process of card reading.

The maze in the backs of each cards reminds you the need to concentrate in the mystery that you want to solve and then the answer will come to you while you walk the maze (the cards). We should also aply this when reading Lenormand cards.

Mlle. Lenormand was the greatest psychic of her time. She made uncanny prediction to Napoleon Bonaparte, his wife Josephine and many other celebrities of her time. People like Robespiere, Marat, etc… received her readings with astonishing accuracy.

If you are interested in the history of Mlle. Lenormand have a look at the wikipedia article here.

Many different decks of cards where published after her death but none of them was designed or used by her.

This 36-cards Lenormand became famous in Europe but today it’s being extensively used all over the world.

It is a bridge size deck with great cardstock and semigloss finish. They are very easy to handle and they fit very well in the hand unlike Tarot cards.