Lenormand Meanings

reloaded_deckHere you have a short list of common keywords we use in traditional Lenormand reading cards for your reference. Hope it helps.

1. Rider. Things coming. Happy news. Sports. Always positive except when surrounded by negative cards.

2. Clover. Small luck. Everyday happy little things. Subtracts power from the following cards.

3. Ship. Travelling. Moving. Vacations, holidays. Your mind is somewhere else.

4. House. Home, Where you live in, your place. Your privacy. Security, grounded.

5. Tree. Things that grow slowly but surely. Countryside. Health. Relax.

6. Clouds. Confusion. Unclear stuff. Hold on!. Think well before action. Delays.

7. Snake. Wisdom, knowledge, cleverness. Egoism.Woman. Third party. Intricate things.

8. Coffin. Endings. Facing and sorting out a difficult situation.

9. Bouquet. Invitation, a present. Nice things. Having fun. Softens the following card.

10. Scythe. Pain. Warning. Act now. Rewards.

11. Whip. discussions, arguments, fights, problems, pressure.

12. Birds. Calm down. Too much noise around. In the middle of a dificult situation.

13. Child. Grow. A child, childish behavior, Naive.

14. Fox. Something or someone is wrong. Not a straightforward person. Lies.Falseness.

15. Bear. Boss, man, jealouse, strong person, reliability, a power person, possesive person, possesions.

16. Stars. Destiny. Dream come true. Projects. Your lifepath. Psychic power.

17. Stork. Changes. Plus.

18. Dog. Friend. Helper. Friendship. Faithfulness.

19. Tower. To be alone. Someone on top possition. Find yourself, meditate. Too high for you at the moment.

20. Park. Outside, many people, public, places where there are many people.

21. Mountain. Blocker. Delays. A hard time.

22. Paths. Take a choice. New options.

23. Mices. This card eats from where it points to and put dirt on the other side. It depends on where the mices are pointing to.

24. Heart. Love or things that you love. Yes.

25. Ring. Relationships, Related things. Marriage. Ciclic things.

26. Book. Secrets. Hiden things. What is hidden will be revealed. There is information available if you want to know or you can keep looking somewhere else.

27. Letter. Messages. All sorts of communication.

28. Gentleman. If the querent is a man then this card is his significator. Otherwise this is an important person in the querent’s life.

29. Lady. If the querent is a woman then this card is her significator. Otherwise this is an important person in the querent’s life.

30. Lilies. Family. Sexuality. Harmony. Elders. Medicine.

31. Sun. Good things. Joy, happyness, warm, sunny. Light. Big Luck.

32. Moon. Success. Raise. Feelings. Intuition, inner life.

33. Key. For sure it will happen. Exclamation mark. The solution. Opening doors.

34. Fish. Money. Financial status. Funds.

35. Anchor. Job, work. Attachments to things, people or situations.

36. Cross. Destiny Fate. Religion or believe system. Burdens. Misfortune.